About Riverside Auto Sales & Repair Center, LLC of Loris, SC

Family Owned and Operated since the beginning, Riverside Auto Sales & Repair Center, LLC opened it's doors not knowing what the future would hold. Louie & Barbara thought that offering honest and affordable Automotive Services to the area with the intent of giving customers the honest truth regardless of the outcome is what this area needed.  And to this day, it's that honesty and Integrity that keeps Riverside growing to what it's become.  It all started with a single 300 piece toolbox a car with a blown motor, and a dream!  To date, fast forward 4 years; we have grown our staff to soon to be 5, all which are family; and needing more.  25 plus cars and looking for more and we are busting at the seams for work space!   Mind you we accomplished all of this without borrowing a single penny!  We worked and saved for everything we have!  Not a bad problem to have!  We are blessed!  And we have our customers to thank for that!  So welcome to the Riverside Family, we are so happy to have all of you!  And to those of you who have not yet joined us, you will, and when you do, you won't regret your decision!  

We were a Repair Shop long before we were a Used car dealer!  That's what sets us apart from our competition. We are very particular when selecting inventory for our lot.  We know what to look for and what to leave behind.  When cars come into the dealership they are not always available right away and we understand this is frustrating to some customers, however, all of our inventory is thoroughly inspected and repaired then driven prior to being offered to the public for sale.  If the owners wouldn't drive it personally, or feel safe with their own family in it, then it's not good enough.  Once it is, then it's good enough for the Sale lines at Riverside!  


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